Collateral Damage

Obviously, I’m only pretending to be unwell, because my goal in life is to “live off the state”, whilst “free-riding on the backs of hard-working tax-payers”. I mean, it’s not as if there are any downsides to my current position, are there? No ‘collateral damage’ shall we say? Never-mind living with the physical symptoms, which of course I’m just “making-up”, it’s not as if:

  • It’s any particular hard-ship to lose my paediatric medical career. One that I’ve spent years striving so hard to hold onto, whilst attempting to balance the demands of single-parenthood, working and child-care needs.
  • I’ve lost good friends.
  • I’ve lost the respect of past colleagues and other people I value.
  • I live in the knowledge that a large number of people in the UK (including some medical professionals) will verge between either secretly, or openly, loathing me (and other sufferers) for ‘having’ ME/CFS – which they believe is a made up condition with it’s roots in pure, unadulterated laziness.
  • I’m pretty much financially ruined and will most likely have to declare myself bankrupt when I’m unable to renew my mortgage on my small home (which is in slight negative equity), simultaneously making me and my son homeless.
  • I try not to live in fear of unexpected (but inevitable) bills: the leaking roof, cracked walls, boiler which mysteriously loses water, temperamental fridge/freezer, balding car tyres, new spectacles, etc.
  • Time is slipping away as I pass most days ‘existing’, rather than truly living.
  • I’m no longer as good of a mother as I would like to be.
  • My situation puts extra strain/stress/worry on those people that remain close to me.

It’s not as if any of the above are true, is it? Those and many more? Nope, of course not. Far more probable that I’m just “a malingerer, living the high-life whilst getting some kind of sick buzz out of this pathetic, fake-illness charade”. I mean, trying to live off Universal Credit is an absolute joy isn’t it. A non-stop holiday. Oh, yeah!

“Hip, hip, hip, horray! 
Malingering is here to stay!”

Time to “paaaarrrrrrtttttyyyyyy!!!!!!”


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